Action Plan for Michigan

I have the great honor to serve as the MIGOP Ethnic Vice Chair. The main role of the Ethnic Vice Chair, is to bring other ethnicities into the Republican Party. We are in a time in which the country wants to divide and define us by race.

As your Ethnic Vice Chair, my goals will be to bring strength and unity to our party. I am a proven leader and a hard worker.  I am working diligently and skillfully, seeking God’s wisdom to achieve these goals.

Growing up in Detroit and graduating from Cooley High School, I understand and can relate to the mindset of Detroit and similar communities. I will strive to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate these communities and others alike.

With my experience, I am able to reach out and lead ALL individuals from various backgrounds.  It is vital that we continue to increase the unity and strength as a party. I attract all citizens of every race, color, creed and nationality to the Republican Party.

I love our great state of Michigan!  I have been actively involved with the Republican Party for many years.  I worked tirelessly as a precinct delegate in Kent County to help get president Trump elected in 2016 and beyond.

Some of the areas in which I have served and currently serving for our party are as follows:

~ State Committee Woman (2nd District)
~ Precinct Delegate (28th Precinct)
~ Elected delegate to the 2020 GOP National Convention
~ Election Day Operation (EDO)
~ Faith & Family coalition
~ Poll worker
~ Poll watcher/challenger
~ Chaplin for the Republican Women Federation (RWFM)

I have been married to my husband, Pastor Philip Smith, for 30 years. We raised our 8 children, 7 on earth and 1 in heaven with biblical and conservative values.  We have resided in the Grand Rapids area for 23 years.

I am taking my experience, skill set and calling to EVERY DISTRICT throughout our great state!

I thank you for entrusting me to be your Ethnic Vice Chair.

In Liberty and Love,

Bernadette Smith

It is time for us to focus on what unites us and rise above what divides us!

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