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I heard these words as I was awakening the other morning “There is a New World Order coming, but it is MY ORDER says the Lord. Things are coming into ALIGNMENT; things are being RESTORED the way I always intended for it to be”. Our country is being restored, Our country’s finances are being restored, Our families are being restored, Souls are being restored, Our health is being restored and Our finances are being restored.

I want to encourage EVERYONE not to lose HEART not to lose FAITH and not to lose HOPE. Great and Mighty things are on the Horizon.

The Lord will RESTORE or REPLACE for you the years that the locust has eaten……..And you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord, your God, who has dealt wondrously with you. And my people shall never be put to shame….. (Joel 2:25-26).

These are truly times to rejoice and be glad, not sad. Let us watch and see the salvation of our God!!!

Love you ALL to life

ALIGNMENT = The proper positioning; the ground plan; state of adjustment of parts; a forming in line; an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another.

RESTORE = To bring back (a previous right, practice, custom or situation) Reinstate; to return (someone or something) to a former condition, place or position; to repair or renovate; to return to its original condition.

HORIZON = It is almost certainly going to happen or be done quite soon; the line that terminates the view, when extended on the surface of the earth… range of perception or experience something that might be attained.

SOULS = The spiritual, rational and immortal substance in man, which distinguishes him from brutes. The part of man which enables him to think and reason, and which renders him a subject of moral government.

HEART = The seat of the affections and passions, as of love, joy, courage and pleasure. The seat of understanding.

FAITH = Belief; The assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting on his authority and veracity without other evidence.

REPLACE = To put again in the former place.

BRUTES = A beast; any animal destitute of reason; all animals

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