It has been such an HONOR a JOY and a total PRIVILEGE to serve as your Ethnic Vice Chair these last two years.

Please see the link below!!🙏🇺🇸❤️


I want to thank all of the Michigan Republican Delegates for re-electing me to be your Ethnic Vice Chair for the next two years.

I am very EXCITED to work on your behalf.

As I promised, I will work tirelessly and with wisdom for YOU. I will continue my work going to each county in our great state to educate, motivate, demonstrate and liberate.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if you are interested in bringing my message of UNITY to your community.

Love you all to life🙏🇺🇸❤️


Many are concerned about the future of our state and nation. Many are concerned about their lives. I am reminded of a story that the Lord told me many years ago.

I was greatly concerned about a few things and I heard these words spoken to me by the Lord “Bernadette a deeper TRUST = a deeper REST”. He then reminded me of a Bible story.

The Lord said: Do you remember when I told the disciples to get into the boat and let’s go over to the other side? (Mark 4:35-39)

I said: Yes Lord!

He then proceeded on and said: As we were going over on the other side, this great monstrous storm came upon the waters. The water began to fill up inside the boat and the boat began to sink. The disciples cried out, we are perishing. They proceeded to go to the stern part of the boat to look for me. They found me fast asleep. They woke me up and said, “Master we are perishing”! I got up and I rebuked the storm and the storm ceased.

At that moment, I was then asked a very important question.

The Lord asked me: Bernadette, why was I able to rest in the midst of the storm?

Before I could answer Him back, God said to me: Because I TRUSTED My word; when I said that we are going over to the other side, we are going over.

He also said: When you learn to TRUST My words you will began to rest in the midst of your storms.

I want to encourage us all, it does not matter what storms come our way in this life. It does not matter how the enemy is boasting himself so proudly saying “I got them now”, “ I got this state now”, “I got this country now. “


Please know that we are going to make it safely to the other side in VICTORY!!

STAY THE COURSE, and do not give up!!!

He said to me: When you learn to trust My words instead of what you see and feel, and even smell, you will have a deeper rest.

Liken the waves and water hitting the disciples to what has come against you in your life and what has come against our cities, our state and our country.

Jesus said that He will never leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5).

I want to encourage us all, that the light shines brighter in the darkness!

We are walking in uncharted times, but God is with us. He is an amazing guide. Let’s allow Him to lead and guide us. We are coming safely on the other side.

The light in us will penetrate and destroy the dark and evil agenda of the enemy, as we use our authority that was given to us by our Heavenly Father. (Luke 10:19)

Let us choose to believe and TRUST His word so that we can enter into that deeper REST.

Love you ALL to life🙏🇺🇸❤️

TRUST = Confidence; a reliance or resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, Justice of another.

REST = Rest of body or mind; quiet; a state free from motion or disturbance; a state of reconciliation to God.

PERISHING = Suffer death, typically in a violent, sudden, or untimely way.

STERN = The hind part of a boat or ship.

REBUKED = Express sharp disapproval of someone because of their behavior.

PROCEED = Begin or continue a course of action; move forward.

MONSTROUS = Enormous; huge; extraordinary.

STORM = A violent wind; a tempest.

CEASE = To bring or come to an end.

UNCHARTED = (Of an area or land or sea) not mapped or surveyed; places not yet explored; unknown.

PENETRATE = To pass; to make way.

DESTROY = Put an end to the existence of something by damaging or attacking it.

AUTHORITY = The power or right to give orders, mske decisions and enforce obedience.




Unite America Rally-Dearborn, MI (PART 1)

Unite America Rally-Dearborn, MI (PART 2)

Tudor Dixon

Candidate for Governor

Nagi Almudhegi

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I am looking forward to visiting every county in Michigan! Follow along with my progress as I spread the message of unity throughout our state!

As your Ethnic Vice Chair, my goals will be to bring strength and unity to our party. I am a proven leader and a hard worker.  I am working diligently and skillfully, seeking God’s wisdom to achieve these goals.

Growing up in Detroit and graduating from Cooley High School, I understand and can relate to the mindset of Detroit and similar communities. I will strive to educate, motivate, inspire and liberate these communities and others alike.

With my experience, I am able to reach out and lead ALL individuals from various backgrounds.  It is vital that we continue to increase the unity and strength as a party. I attract all citizens of every race, color, creed and nationality to the Republican Party.

I love our great state of Michigan!  I have been actively involved with the Republican Party for many years.  I worked tirelessly as a precinct delegate in Kent County to help get president Trump elected in 2016 and beyond.

Some of the areas in which I have served and currently serving for our party are as follows:

~ State Committee Woman (2nd District)
~ Precinct Delegate (28th Precinct)
~ Elected delegate to the 2020 GOP National Convention
~ Election Day Operation (EDO)
~ Faith & Family coalition
~ Poll worker
~ Poll watcher/challenger
~ Chaplin for the Republican Women Federation (RWFM)

I have been married to my husband, Pastor Philip Smith, for 30 years. We raised our 8 children, 7 on earth and 1 in heaven with biblical and conservative values.  We have resided in the Grand Rapids area for 23 years.

I am taking my experience, skill set and calling to EVERY DISTRICT throughout our great state!

I thank you for entrusting me to be your Ethnic Vice Chair.

In Liberty and Love,

Bernadette Smith

2022 MIGOP State Convention Invocation