I am so honored to have been elected to be your MIGOP Ethnic Vice Chair in 2021. I was so humbled by the outpouring of love and support from my fellow Republicans. Below are the list of names, statements and videos of the people who endorsed me and supported my campaign. I hope hearing about me first hand helps you to get to know me a little better! I am looking forward to having the opportunity to meet you in person and together we can help educate, motivate, inspire and liberate our communities in EVERY DISTRICT across our great state; with the goal of bringing them into the constitutional conservative movement.


Stan Grot | District 10 Chairman

Bill Huizinga | U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 2nd congressional district

Tom Leonard | Former member of the Michigan House of Representatives and Speaker of the House from 2017-2019

Kent Vanderwood | 2nd District Chairman

Dave Robertson | 5th District Chairman & Former Michigan State Senator

Hank Choate | 7th District Chairman

Judi Schwaldach | Escanaba Precinct Delegate, GOP State Committee

Steve Yoder | District 1 Chairman, National Committeeman at Michigan Young Republicans, State Committeeman, Solon Twp Trustee

June Jackson | Precinct Delegate, Co-Chair of the Northern Michigan Republican Women’s Club, Former President of RWFM

David Eyke | Attorney

Tonya Schuitmaker | Former member of the Michigan State Senate, representing District 26

Dr. Tammy Born | Owner and practicing DO at the Born Clinic

Orlando Estrada | Precinct Delegate, Ottawa Co. Executive Board Member

Kim Galdes

Paul Stephens | Youth Vice-Chair of the Michigan Republican Party

Jayne Locke | Precinct Delegate

Tim Walenga | Precinct Delegate Walker, MI

Erik Koenig

Bill & Cynthia Schuette | Former Attorney General, Former Candidate for Governor

Jon Smith | Hillsdale County Republican Party Secretary

Lenore Kurek | Precinct Delegate

John Schwaldech | Escanaba Precinct Delegate

Mark Huizenga | State Representative

Frank Hamet | Precinct Delegate

Victor Diaz

Chris Schonak | Macomb County Executive Board

Jesse Osmer | Legislative Director at Michigan House of Representatives

David Kroll | Former Ottawa County Chair

Rusty Richter | 2nd District Treasurer, Real Estate Developer

Hank Fuhs | MRP Secretary

Rett DeBoer | Ottawa County Chair

Carly Nelson | 2nd District Vice Chair

Brandon Hall | West Michigan Politics

Chris Schornak | Member of Macomb County Executive Board

Jim Copas

Tamra Bouman

Margo Aseltine | 7th District State Committee

Casey Armitage | Huron County Vice Chair

Shane Hernandez | Former State Representative

Matthew Hauser | Attorney, 13th District State Committee Man

Kelli Saunders | President of the Gerald R. Ford Women’s Republican Club

Bill Rauwerdink | 14th District Committee Man

Gaylene Hunter | State Committee

Tony Forlini | Macomb County Clerk

Lisa Mankiewicz | Macomb County Vice Chair

Jeff Crawford | Delegate

Terence Mekoski | U.S. Department of Justice

Dawn Dodge | RWFM

John Grzebik | Delegate

Londa Gatt |Delegate

Darlyn Vigh | Delegate

Alex Vigh | Delegate

Mike Seely | Small Business owner, Michigan Conservative Coalition Volunteer, Poll Observer

Robert Barnes | Grand Traverse County Executive Committee

Carole Johnson |

Kristina Lyke | Former Candidate for Congress, Volunteer Attorney for President Trump’s Team

Cindy Davis | Delegate

Matt Maddock | MI State Representative 44th House District

Meshawn Maddock | 11th District Chair, National Advisory Board Member, Women for Trump 2020

Cecil St. Pierre | District 9 Chairman

Dave Agema | Former Republican National Committeeman for Michigan, Former Michigan State Representative

Darwin Jiles | Former Ethnic Vice Chair, Former Precinct Delegate at Michigan Republican Party

Ralph Kramer | 1st District Co-Chair for the U.P

Amanda Price | Ottawa County Treasurer, Former Michigan State Representative

Trucker Randy(Randy Bishop) | host of “Your Defending Fathers” radio show

Scott Greenlee | Former MIGOP Vice Chair, President of Greenlee Consulting

John Haggard |1st District State Committee

Mary Whiteford | MI State Rep for District 80

Kevin Whiteford | Financial Advisor, CPA, MST

Chuck Yob | Former Republican National Committee Member

Heather Cerone | Founder of Citizen’s Liberating Michigan

Diane Schindlebeck | Ottawa and Muskegon County Co-Chair at Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

Rick Warzywak | Founder and President of Transformation Michigan

Mark Gurley | Former Grassroots Vice Chair 2017-2018 at Michigan Republican Party

Ken Licari | Macomb County Precinct Delegate for the Republican Party

David Mehney | Founder of Kawasaki Midwest Motorcycles, Inc. & Skytron

Scott Hagerstorm | Republican grassroots operative, Former Michigan state director for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign

Tom Hooker | Byron Twp. Supervisor, Former Michigan State Representative

Sam Moore | Former Kent County Chair, Former 3rd District Chair

Rob VerHeulen | 3rd District County Chair, Former Mayor of Walker, Former State Representative

Jennifer Hendricks | Precinct Delegate, 3rd District Executive Committee

Phyliss Haggard

Sandy Call |Precinct Delegate

Lisa Posthumus Lyons | Kent County Clerk, former State Representative

Yavonne Whitbeck | Advisory Chair of County Chairs, Chair of Ingham County

Brenda Wodarski | Precinct Delegate, 3rd District Executive Committee

Mike Farage | President of Grand Rapids Taxpayers Association

Bob Tol | President of Tol Companies, Inc.

Iva Tol | Co-Chair of Pachyderm

Marie Rossi

Glenda Kennon | Vice Chair of the Monroe County Republican Executive Committee

Ryan Kelly | Real Estate Broker, Co-Founder of APC

Joel Langlois | Owner of The DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center

Dr. Joesph & Pat Sobota, M.D. | Kalamazoo/Harbor Springs, MI

Joanne Voorhees | Former Kent County Chairman, Former State Representative, Former Wyoming City Commissioner

Kyle Brethauer | 3rd District State Committee Man

Dan Osterman | 12th District State Committee Man

Jim Nangle | 11th District State Committee Man

Susan Chmielewski | 12th District State Committee Woman

Mark Forton | Macomb County Chair

Natasha Hargitay | Delegate

Cheryl Costantino | Wayne County Chair

Jaynee Germond | Vice Chair 1st District LP

Joan Runnels | State Committee

Ron Armstrong | Stand up Michigan

Dawn Beattie | Executive Board Member Macomb County GOP

Kristina Lyke | Attorney, Delegate

Marilyn Fine | Delegate

Robert Most | State Committee, EDO Chairman

Corrine Khederian | Delegate

Fred Fortner | Genesee County Chair

Steve Redmond | Ottawa County Patriots Chairman

“For those that don’t know Bernadette, let me offer a little from my own perspective. 
I got my feet wet almost a decade ago when I was a college republican that was way over my head and hardly knew anyone at these events I didn’t understand anything about. Bernadette was one of a handful who always had a moment to stop by and say hello. I can’t say for certain I would have stuck around if not for folks like Bernadette who seemed to go out of their way to make everyone in the room feel welcomed.
There’s a lot of different ways to succeed as a Vice Chair, but the most successful do it one conversation at a time. I am enthusiastically throwing my support and endorsement behind Bernadette. I hope you will too.”

Kyle Brethauer | Political Activist, Grassroots

“I fully endorse Bernadette Smith for Ethnic Vice Chair for the Republican Party. 
Bernadette’s unwavering faith an ability to articulate her message of unity and strength is needed in these times.  I believe with her love for people and her love for the Republican Party, that she will bring many Ethnicities into our party.”   

Stan Grot | 10th District Chairman

“With enthusiasm, it is our honor to endorse Bernadette Ellis Smith as our next Ethnic Vice Chair.  Having known Bernadette for more than ten years, we have seen her heart and passion to get things right for God and this country.  She is a proven leader who desires to bring our party together in unity based on God’s principles while reaching all ethnic groups with the truth of what our party of Lincoln and Martin Luther King stands for.”

Tom & Pam Hooker | Byron Twp. Supervisor, Former Michigan State Representative

“We are proud and delighted to support our long-time friend Bernadette Smith for MIGOP Ethnic Vice-Chair.  Bernadette has a strong faith, works very hard and will represent the Republican Party in an exceptional fashion.  Bernadette will be On Duty for the GOP!”

Bill and Cynthia Schuette | Former Attorney General, Former Candidate for Governor

“Bernadette Smith is an intelligent, grounded, talented and hardworking individual. Her speaking abilities were showcased during a speech that she recently gave at our State Capitol. A calming and conservative voice of reason, she will lead and unite by example. After a hard fought election, she is a person that will help mend the party and prepare us for 2022. Her faith is an example for us all. We endorse and encourage your vote for Bernadette for Ethnic Vice-Chair.”

Senator Ed McBroom | 38th State Senate District

Beau LaFave | State Representative 108th District

Ralph Kramer | 1st District Co-Chair for the U.P

Judi Schwalbach | GOP State Committee

“Bernadette Smith has been a proven leader and strong unifier. Her unwavering faith and listening heart has brought many people together from all ethnic backgrounds. I fully endorse Bernadette Smith as our next Ethnic Vice Chair.”

Dave Agema | Former National Committee Man, Former State Representative

“Please accept my strong support for your candidacy for ethnic vice-Chairman position.  You have been a great leader within our party, and I am so pleased you are running.  I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.  I’m proud to support you and call you my friend!”

Regards, Sen. David B. Robertson Chairman- 5th District 

“Bernadette Smith has worked closely with me in Kent County and the second congressional district to help elect Republican candidates. She is a tireless advocate of conservative principles. Her deep Christian faith and convictions are integral to her life. She has my full endorsement as Ethnic Vice-Chair for the Michigan Republican Party.”

Kent Vanderwood|MIGOP 2nd District Chair

“Bernadette is very grounded, talented and hardworking. Her uniting and uplifting speech at our State Capitol tells me that the division in our GOP has hope in mending. A calming conservative voice of reason that will lead and unite by example in her faith first. Therefore, I endorse her candidacy for Ethnic Vice Chair.”

Koen Driesen | State Committee Member, MIGOP

“Bernadette Smith is a top notch person, period. I have know her and her husband Phil for several years. The church they pastor, has been a place for Patriots to gather when other churches refused. Bernadette has been faithful to the Republican Party and its platform but above that she is faithful to God. She would make an excellent Ethnic Vice Chair.”

Mark Gurley | Founder Make Michigan Great Again®
Former Grassroots Vice Chair 2017-2019
Founding Board Member of the Michigan Heartbeat Coalition

“I am personally endorsing Bernadette Smith for Ethnic Vice Chair. We need individuals who are people of conviction and not preference. Our nation hangs in the balance in so many different ways. I believe that Bernadette will uphold the U.S. Constitution; carries a Biblical Moral Worldview; believes that all people are created equal and will represent all cultures with her deep understanding of the issues that challenge us today! She carries a relational personality that draws people into truth and is a bridge builder.”

Rick J. Warzywak | Founder and President of Transformation Michigan

“I have been a grassroots volunteer for a very long time. During those years serving in many capacities for a county organization and also as District Chairperson. Bernadette has been there every step of the way. She tirelessly works to introduce people of every ethnicity to conservatism and the Republican Party! It’s been my honor to serve beside her as a panelist, as grassroots volunteers and in the fellowship of our faith and friendship. Her commitment to our country and our party is tireless. I heartily endorse her for Ethnic Chair. We are a better party for having her leadership! Go Bernadette!!”

Mike Hewitt | Vice Chair Mi-GOP 3rd Congressional District

“Bernadette is a beautiful Christian and leader. Bernadette is the person who can truly unify our Republican Party, but most importantly our Michigan citizens. I fully endorse Bernadette for Ethnic Vice Chair.”

Mercedes Wirsing | Oakland County Precinct Delegate

“I fully endorse Bernadette Smith for Ethnic Vice Chair. She has been so supportive of me and the whole Kent GOP for years. I can’t think of anybody who would do a better job than her.”

Lisa Posthumus Lyons | Kent County City Clerk, Former State Representative

“I am proud to endorse Bernadette Smith for the MIGOP Ethnic Vice Chair.  I am confident that Bernadette will bring her honesty, sincerity, work ethic and most importantly her ability to unite, to our party leadership at a time when we desperately need leaders who espouse these qualities.  I confidently can say, without reservation, that she will be an asset to the board.”

Joel Langlois | Business Owner & Community Leader.

“She was constantly helping every single ethnic group.” ~Dr. Nasir Saddiki
“We came from different countries, different ethnic backgrounds.  She was always there for us, learn from each other, grow together and she was always caring in a very good way.” ~Monika Wagner
“She is a woman of integrity, a woman of honor, a woman of great character. She is a true conservative and she is in touch with the people.” ~ Marlin Reid
“Bernadette will be very instrumental in bringing ethnicity to the Republican Party. She has the experience and love for ethnics.” ~Cynthia Kahn
Her meekness is very evident but so is her strength of character. I have seen how she reaches out to other ethnic groups including us.” ~ Willy Chua
“She has the ability and skill set to work with all people, with different personalities and ethnicities. We need this type of leadership in the Republican Party.” ~ Terence Mekowski
“Her open house and family for us international families and students impressed me very much.” ~Manu Heizmann
“Always goes above and beyond to help other people.” ~Sabah Hawatmeh
“She is easy to approach, she is easy to work with, she is consistent in her character.” ~ Orlando Estrada
“She is true Christian Conservative, a true Constitution Conservative, a Trump Supporting Conservative. Bernadette is focusing forward with a true plan. Bernadette is prepared as a leader to get us there tomorrow.” ~ Mike Farage
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